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I am Beatrys Rodrigues, and I might break some things along my way. I am a Ph.D. student at Cornell University, in the Communication Department. Graduated with a Specialization in Consumer & Material Culture: Semiopsychanalitic Perspectives and a BA in Social Communications with an emphasis in Advertising from the University of São Paulo. I have worked for companies such as Airbnb and delivered work for others such as Santander, Banco Central do Brasil, Colgate, SWIFT, Facebook, McDonald's, GIZ, Armasuisse, World Government Summit, and the UN. I have lived in the US, Canadá and Holland. 

My work explores the intersection between emerging technologies and culture, with special attention to gender and sexuality. I am continually seeking new ways to understand the world we live in and to inspire change through insightful playfulness.

My main interest lies with projects which have true human impact: I look for things which make people - and myself - able to see the world through new lenses. I do not believe in negatives. Nothing is set in stone - things are what they are because they are accepted as such. I look for knowledge and opportunities which help me distort reality.

I am enthusiastic about games, storytelling, cultural research, speculative design, and social communications.

When I am not trying to break realities, you can find me taking pictures, drawing, creating games and having discussions with random strangers about the future.


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