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title. A COISA 


A safe space for connecting people being used as methodology to map trends.

How can we more efficiently map the conversations that people are having without relying solely on proactive ethnography? Also, there is a lack of places where people can discuss anything without discrimination or an specific curatorship. 

That's when I created "A COISA" (which roughly translates to "The Thing" - something indefinite, vague, a word used to describe pretty much anything and everything). It was an open night event, hosted at Springpoint, in São Paulo. For the first prototype, around 20 people showed up.

Strangers were invited to describe themselves without referring to their occupation or profession - which is the most common way which people from São Paulo present themselves - and to share something they wanted to talk about.


Some of the themes which people talked about in the first edition were: aliens, veganism, uncertainty, skate, graffiti, apps and podcasting. 

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