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title. The Bell Jar: Feminine Representation on Digital Technologies and the Cyberspace

Bachelor's Thesis submitted to the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo 

date. December 2015

grade. 10 out of 10

What are the implications of using technologies that are built upon codes and representations which are made mainly by a white and male elite?


This paper seeks to understand the relationship between technology and gender, and how that bond helps to shape what is comprehended as masculine or feminine. The main argument of this paper is that technologies are social constructions in the same way that gender, and both are mutually shaped. Relying on theories of social constructivism, Queer and the Network Society some examples of the most used digital technologies are analyzed such as personal assistants, games and social networks in order to examine how these can contribute to women's segregation.

Key words: technology, digital, cyberespace, gender, sexual divide, social constructions, glass ceiling

Available in Portuguese only.

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