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title. Rede de Apoio (Dia das Mães)

company. Hysteria

client. Coca-cola Company - Del Valle

Coca-Cola Brazil's juice brand invited the women's collective Hysteria to co-create the campaign with CUBOCC agency. Del Valle went in search of royal motherhood, and with the help of women and mothers, created authentic content in five stories that bring everyday situations experienced by women. The videos show the importance of having and nurturing a support network in family, friends and work to live the different roles and journeys. It is an invitation for everyone to be part of the mother and family support network. Themes such as maternal guilt, night voucher, career, double shift and equal division of household chores are addressed simply and delicately in the films.

I was responsible for the desk research and in-depth interviews with 10 mothers which inspired Hysteria's team. 

You can check out the campaign at:

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