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title. Artificial Futures: Critical Feminist Perspectives in Artificial Intelligence

Specialization's Thesis submitted to the School of Communications and Arts of the University of São Paulo 

date. November 2019

Trying to understand algorithms may or may not influence how gender oppressions prevail in contemporary society and how can we open the way for more inclusive and democratic futures.


The central hypothesis of this work is that one of the most assertive ways of thinking about AI public policies that do not reiterate a prevailing data colonialism and gender binarism should embark on forms of co-evolution that contemplate the development of women and minority groups, but keeping in mind that this kind of democratized development is not enough. By using the support of theorists who study inequalities primarily through digital technologies, there is a focus on gender issues. A feminist perspective is also used. This monograph seeks bases for the creation of a critical research to identify more decentralized and democratic ways of thinking about artificial intelligence and less focused on the elites, especially from a Brazilian perspective. In the end, the research is made tangible through design fiction, seeking to materialize the issues described in the literature review.

Key words: gender, artificial intelligence, design fiction, STS

Available in Portuguese only.

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