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title. D.Matter

A safe space created at the heart of São Paulo where relevant discussions can spring without fear of repression.

Imperceptible in the eyes of the present time, unknown and non-existent nature to our direct observations.

Dark matter, enigmatic and abundant. The beginning for something still without end.
We have come to bring forth the value and power of questions hidden within you.
We are an experience of interaction that brings to light the raw material of the most relevant questions: rare objects that still do not have meanings.
A new environment emerges, a clearing in time, a hole in space for the genesis of creation.
Where the rule have the rules themselves.
Where free expression is order and celebration of diversity, the apex.
What matters to you?

This project was co-founded with Karine Uehara, Julia Pontelli and Guilherme Santili.

All the events were held at Galeria 540, at Pinheiros.

D.Matter #4: Immersive Educational Experiences

D.Matter #8: Live recording of the podcast  "Based on Surreal Facts"

D.Matter #5: Experts discuss the bestseller "Sapiens"

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