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title. Out.sight

date. August 2015

A 5-day course about the past tense of the future

The goal of Out.Sight is to discuss aspects of the world and everyday life that are in deep and accelerated transformation process. Education, work, consumption, architecture, gender identity and entertainment have become more than we can keep up with. How does this affect us? How will this affect us? And more importantly: how not to get hit, or worse, lose that change?

Alongside an amazing team, I co-created this course which aspires to become a movement in order to be a catalyst for change, and to ease Alvin Toffler's concept of Future Shock: "the distress, both physical and psychological, that arises from an overload of the human organism's physical adaptive systems and its decision-making processes. Put more simply, future shock is the human response to over-stimulation".

I was responsible alongside Amanda Talhari to develop the content for the course Out.Gender, a day which we discussed the trends about gender identity and the intersection between tech and gender. It was the day which received most positive feedback from the attendees.

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