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zero42 is a Brazilian think tank which seeks to bring together technological innovations and the discussions surrounding them. It is a space dedicated to thinking, discussing and opining about the relationship between people and technology; and between the present and the future.

We first started by sending out a weekly newsletter but then we evolved into three different fronts: content, research and projects. Currently we are creating a methodology in order to understand the desirability of future scenarios, developing a Future Food Festival and building up a community of enthusiasts using slack. 

In 2017, we were select amongst dozens of projects to be part of a series of workshops promoted by São Paulo's City Hall. We impacted more than 300+ people with "Hacking the State of the Future", teaching about technology, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Open Data to underprivileged groups.

This project was co-created with Eduardo Marcondes, Bruno Kunzler and Lucas Moschione.

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